Capital Campaign

Together, We Can Make It Happen

Phase II
Core building, including school, adult programs, research, telediagnostic services and administration

Since 1978, the Autism Treatment Center has been committed to serving San Antonio by providing autism-specific services for children and adults in our community. Each program has been carefully designed to fulfill ATC’s mission to assist people with autism and related disorders throughout their lives as they learn, play, work and live in the community.

In 2008, the Autism Treatment Center launched a Capital Campaign to expand ATC’s programs and increase square footage to better serve San Antonio families seeking services. The Capital Campaign was separated into Phase I and Phase II.

ATC purchased 3.5 acres of land next to the Comanche Lookout Park with the goal of expanding services. In December 2010, ATC opened a state-of-the-art Therapy Clinic to serve out-patients, and increase diagnostic, therapeutic, and autism-specific research services. In addition, a brand new therapeutic playground was installed behind the Clinic for physical growth, social development and fun, playful activities. Phase I has been completed and paid for in full.

Phase II will be dedicated to expanding ATC’s core programs to increase the independence of the children and adults we serve.  Once completed, the new 20,000 square foot facility will house ATC’s Texas Education Agency accredited school for children, employment training and opportunities for adults, research collaboration with universities, telemedicine and telediagnostic services. Special attention in the design of the building has been given to address sensitivities to sound, light and texture, common to individuals with autism.

Phase II will take $5,250,000 to complete. Together, with the support of local leaders from the philanthropy, business, and public service communities, we can make it happen.

We invite you to become part of this campaign to increase service for children and adults with autism in San Antonio.

for more information contact:
Cynthia Hamilton, Development Director at 210-538-0905 (or click this link to Email)

Phase I

Therapy Clinic
Therapeutic Playground



Honorary Advisory Board

Dr. Jose Arbona
Mr. Sam Barshop
Mrs. Lynda Billa Burke
Ms. JoAnn Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Caruth
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cass
The Honorable Joaquin Castro
Mr. Rick Cavender
The Honorable Mary Alice P. Cisneros
The Honorable John G. Clamp
The Honorable Frank J. Corte, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Custard
Phillip T. Dixon
Maj. General & Mrs. Abraham J. Dreiseszun
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fjordbak
Mr. Pat Frost
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Goddard
Most Rev. Charles V. Grahmann
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Green
Dr. Fernando A. Guerra
Dr. & Mrs. Charles P. Guerriero
Mrs. Kathleen Gunn

The Honorable Roland Gutierrez
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Haddock
Mrs. Jake L. Hamon
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Harris
Mr. Gordon V. Hartman
Mrs. Kelly Holtzinger
Ms. Anna P. Hundley
Dr. Chris Plauche Johnson
The Honorable Ruth McClendon
Mrs. Rosemary Kowalski
Mr. & Mrs. Sid Lachman
Ms. Martha P. Landsman
The Honorable David McQuade Leibowitz
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Leonard
Mr. James Lifshutz
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Marcus
Mr.* and Mrs. Reuben D. Martinez
Ms. Susan I. Martinez
The Honorable Trey Martinez Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Meier*
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Melnick
The Honorable Jose Menendez


* In memory of their support