Meet Lisa

Lisa Little first arrived at ATC's Adult Service program in 1990 when she was 20 years old. Lisa has autism and the symptoms were affecting her family's everyday life.

Leaving the house to run errands, go to a doctor's appointment, or have a family outing became difficult because of Lisa's challenging behaviors.

If someone she didn't know approached her in public, she would react by yelling at the top of her lungs and pulling hard at the hair of the nearest person.

ATC's Life Skills Coaches worked with Lisa to increase her social skills, independence, and communication.

Little by little, with consistent guidance and support, Lisa learned to control her behaviors.

Today, Lisa participates in many community outings including horseback riding and bowling, and volunteers in the community with Meals on Wheels.

When a weekly outing is planned or a holiday approaches, Lisa often asks, "what can I do to help?"

When Lisa is having a bad day, the ATC staff engages her in arts and crafts activities so she can draw or sculpt her way through her feelings.

Lisa especially likes making piƱatas because carefully gluing strips of crepe paper calms her.

Over the past 28 years at ATC, Lisa has flourished socially and become more independent. Another of Lisa's Life Skills Coaches, LaTia, says, "Lisa has taken it upon herself to be the laundry monitor in her group home.

She reminds the other residents when it's time to wash their clothes and sheets, and ensures that everyone folds and puts their laundry away. Lisa also takes the initiative to help her housemates make their lunches and pack their bags for the next day's activities.

Lisa's family is thrilled with the progress she has made, the skills she has developed,
and the woman she has become with the help of ATC.